Homage to Modigliani No 2

Homage to Modigliani No 2

Again a painting that I did several years ago inspired by Amedeo Modigliani. Recently I came across a painting that he did ‘Reclining Nude’ One of his last works before his death. I was blown away by it. The intense nature of his brushstrokes the flow of them, you can almost feel that death was upon him, that he was embracing it his thoughts almost of a letting go with slow long strokes of the brush, flowing like a river. I have goose bumps even thinking about it. It is almost as if you can see right into his soul.

Films I think about on Valentines day

Most days I like to think that my life will turn out just like a film that I have watched.  Everything turns out okay,  the bad man turns good, people that struggle get a whole new start in life.  I say that but most films that I like to watch are infact about true life and actually I love them because they are real and I can identify with them.  Examples of that in the last few weeks that I have seen and would recommend are Dallas Buyers Club and Blue Jasmin.  Both my kind of films.  Anyway getting back to Valentines day I tried to think back to my youth and all the loves that I have had and lost and moved on from and so I came up with maybe not valentine films but films that i watched with ex boys because it seemed romantic to do so? Anyway the first movie that springs to mind is ‘Scent of a Woman’  I actually loved that film and really want to watch it again now.  The second and well i was young again ‘The Body guard’ not very cool but i wanted someone to say  ””And Iiiiiiiii will always love yooouuuuuuu’. mmmmm perhaps I might stop there.  Okay also cheesy Meg Ryan films again lost cool points for that and I did have a good run at liking the notebook.  But all short lived however i do sometimes want to feel comforted and just feel the need to put on some cheese.  The more I think about this tonight the more i am unlikely to update this but for now I will stop.  But I will finish by saying sometimes a bit of cheese in your life is good for the soul.  It lifts you up when you are down.  It allows you to go into your safe bubble.  A place where I like to be when I feel vulnerable.