‘Lost In Transition’ series of 3 paintings ‘Don’t Judge Me’

'Lost In Transition' series of  3 paintings 'Don't Judge Me'

I got lost today in my head. Life…..what happens in life. Sometimes people have to go through shit and it is hard and then you look around and see…….. you see the beauty of family, of friends everyone pulling together to embrace you to hold you in their arms and carry you across the sand to the water the place that you want to rest in. You want to hear the waves, feel the sun on your face, be with nature feel you again… be in your own skin. That is us those with family.. But what about those that don’t have family that face troubles within their own life… what happened to those that have chosen a path, a difficult path a one with pain a one that reaches the depths of their soul a one that makes them do things that maybe if they just had someone to hold their hand, to embrace them, to listen… a path that they would not go down.. or perhaps a path that they could walk away and turn on a new path. is it that easy???? can we as a community embrace life? cant we embrace people who are less fortunate? do we judge them? why? what is to say that you are so blesssed never to have such tragedy on your doorstep? F**** you holding your head up high!!!! stop turning your head to the side. It is your community. these people are our neighbours. these children are our future. what can we do? what can we do????…………..