I am having one of my moments..Sometimes I wish I had a wee micro chip in my brain that I could just then plug in to my blog and therefore be a true representation of my thoughts at that particular time and would be a a true representation of what I am thinking.  Blogs make you think about what is the right thing to say and it is not ever a true representation because we all live to make our thoughts and feelings okay for others to hear. Well I do.  Do we all do that? Maybe my children are the only people that truly know me because they see me for me,. no badge, no restrictions, no hidden agenda, just me.  I sat with my children tonight and once again felt overwhelmed at not having a mother. My mother always makes me want to blog and share things that are on my chest.  Perhaps because she is not at the end of the phone to hear all my crap? sometimes sharing things into the wide open works because there is no answer, there is no advice.  That is it… It is it and there is nothing…. nothing that anyone can say or do.  So cherish every moment cherish every moment with the kids, with the hubby, with the parents, with your peeps because one day It may all disappear and then there is just a big hole that noone can ever fill. So my message tonight is to embrace life. Laugh.  Forgive..don’t dwell on the past learn from it.  People around you that challenge you challenge for  a reason, they help you grow.  Problem solve and grow into the person God wanted you to be.  And my peeps… you know who you are Thank you …. i could never survive without my girls helping me through all the crap..  my sisters I love you.. my dad Love you too I guess well you do okay and that is okay.. my hubby well you see me and I see you and that’s cool, my kids well you are my every breath that is all I need to say.   Life…….life……made me think of a friend a truly inspirational friend that has recently had a wee scare with cancer.. I actually think about  you every day and you never cease to amaze me. life…. can we just share it all together.. let’s share and embrace and pick each other up.. no questions asked. Signing out at 21.40  God bless Scotland and all those in it x x x x  x x x