Who am I

Who am I?
What am I doing?
Do I have a purpose in my life? Does this blog have spell check?
Argghhhh Do we all just plod along………Do we all just get on with it? Are we not all meant to be something? have some purpose? even if it is just to have some small insignificant impact on another person’s life? What are we all doing here? Stories.. the wonder of stories. Those lovely stories that people tell you about someone that you knew that make you smile that helps your memory cast back to similar times that you yourself had with that person. I have been thinking about that a lot lately, hearing myself talk at work and talk talk talking….. what is it that I know? what is it that I know that you don’t? Do I know that person better than you do? or do I just see them in a certain light? If you ask yourself who truly knows you who is it? Is it your best pal? your kids? your hubby? your family? who knows you? who really knows you? I think I change for different people. Does that make me weird? not genuine? or does that make me someone that adapts to what other people need? If so who is that benefiting? not me? Why do people live there lives through others? Is it security? What would happen when everyone seen the real you? the one that the people who actually love you see? Is that so bad? Hey? Really? We love you don’t we? People should just be true to themselves. We only have this one precious life so lets all just live it.