The Scottish Referendum

I feel a sadness today but perhaps also a sense of Britishness and security. I voted yes yesterday and I believed in an Independent Scotland. I still believe in a Scotland that has a voice and has the power to influence what happens to the Scottish people. How can the Scottish people be heard? In my job I see a lot of poverty, I see families struggle with their finances and their ability to prioritise their families need and you that are reading this may think that priority is easy, but it is not so easy when you have an addiction , if you have never had to prioritise in your life because the benefit system does it all for you. I just wish or want people to understand and I am not talking just understand oh yeah we get it I actually mean understand living in a high rise, being a single parent, maybe struggling with gate keeping feeling socially isolated feeling that you just need that something to calm your nerves whilst the kids are asleep and your neighbour pops round with some cannabis or some other drug to calm your nerves … people of the Uk need to understand that life is hard …….. And is it not just the same for the middle class when that cannabis is replaced by wine??? gin and tonic??? what makes you so different?……. life is hard for our children and what are we going to do about that? what are we going to do? shall we stand and unite to make life better for our children? why can’t politicians be truthful? why can’t we have trust that what people say is the truth. Politics would be so much easier if people had to tell the truth, people become confused over what is real and what is not. I had an encounter with the law last year and I actually was shocked to learn that people are not actually out for the truth but just want to win the case if they can discredit you as a professional??? is this our law system? coming from a lay person?? I want the truth? I want the truth in law I want the truth in politics and I want the truth in life… but how can we get that?