I wear a skin over my own

It keeps me hard


I wear your skin over my own

it keeps me loved


Sometimes I wish I had you here

Had you just lying here

You will never be here

Dear Moon

You will never be here to hold my hand

but your skin is my shell

I love you dear moon

your skin is my shell





naked body

tear drop from his eye

her body tells her story

the story of her life

as he washed her skin gently

he could see where her freckles lay

the scar on her leg where she had fallen as a small child

the mole sitting perfectly between her breasts

her tummy a little rounded that once bore her children

her heavy red wound from the surgery that would give her life back to her

her imperfect body that told a thousand stories of who she had loved

and of how she had lived

even in death she has left a trail of unforgotten tales

of dreams she once had

her children they knew

they will always know

to follow their dreams

to dance under the stars

to swim in the deep sea

to push themselves to live outside of their comfort zone


I leave you with happiness she whispered


I want to touch you just once, feel your hand. You never saw me …… never saw me.

Whole life geared toward love

love thy neighbour

thy friend


I want to touch you

just once

feel your hand

sometimes I think that I feel you

when I’m asleep

I know that I  feel you

I know that you are mine

maybe not mine but we are we

you are mine and I am yours you just don’t know  it yet

so you don’t see me you are still caught up in everything else

you are now….. your me your life

I see you

I see you

I  still see all of you

I see you naked and vulnerable

I see you old I see you

I see you real

I see you mine

I see you  in my arms

I see you and I touch your skin but we are older now

your skin is older

you didn’t see me before too wrapped up in your being too wrapped up in  commercials,

too wrapped up in her

You never saw me

you never never saw me before

I have loved you always

always you

but you never knew me

never knew me.