I’m not sure where im going but with your love I think I might be ok

Tonight I write to all the beautiful people that spent time with me last night in conversation about mental health.

It is still such a taboo subject and I know I find that surprising given it’s the year 2017.

Many of you have sent me personal messages of your own journey and I think perhaps we cried and laughed together.

Can I take this opportunity to ask that we all reach out and hold each other by the hand and just have a little compassion a little smile a little love.

I’m not going to go into my stay in the mental health hospital it was long and tiresome but I will share this with you,

One day at dinner time I cried, I had a twitch and a stammer because of the electroconvulsive therapy and I had developed involuntary movements. I cried at the dinner table. The nurses looked at me and carried on with their chatting. I then experience the most beautiful experience of my life, a young girl but 19 years and an old man my favourite man, held my hands in an awkward unnatural way and told me it would be okay. These people showed me human compassion, human compassion that the nurses did not. Human compassion from people that suffered their own pains.

I fall in love very easily I think I’ve fallen in love with many people I’ve met on twitter and through activities or social events they are not the love of my life but they touch my soul they help me grow they have an impact on my thought process in who I become. You know who you are, I love you, god bless you and may you be happy forever and may a part of my soul live in yours.

Kindest  Regards




PS I put my Christmas tree up today 🎄

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure where im going but with your love I think I might be ok

  1. Now my Em I believe you feel your not lost or alone💪😍 The forest may be dark and haunting, but stay the path and soon you’ll see the gentle glade you’ve been seeking..
    “I Said That”💕

  2. I feel you Emma.. In my thoughts.. In my search for completeness, for total happiness, if there is such a thing… I feel FOR you and want the best for you, even though i only know you through Twitter and through your amazing art.. All the things i desire and deserve for myself, i do so for you.. I am connected to you..
    Sending you an abundance of love
    Lindsay (@MinxyOwl)

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