Let Me Heal

Not again

Let me heal

Let me love myself

These tears are gonna disappear

Don’t want to run away this time


Strength, give me strength

Strength to love myself

Stength to love him

Freedom in love

Give me freedom in love

Sacrifice, I will sacrifice myself for one truth in love

Let it be

Let it be him

Cursed with sadness


Fear lord let me love thy self

Nothing real can be threatened

Is our love real?

Let me heal






There’s no need to explain

Stomach aches in knots

My body sore from your words

Was I just a joke to you

Was It fun, did it make you laugh

Games being played

Like a chessboard

Getting knocked off course the closer I got

What is it you want from me?

I’m not strong enough for your games

I would have stayed till the end my love

I would have stayed till the end

You wanted to conquer the board

Get the Queen

I was just some crazy girl

Getting in the way

Driven now by madness

I really didn’t see it

Coming my way

The pain you left

It left me so sore

You promised you would shield me

Be my shelter

We talked about flying

Now all there is is crying

I knew I would lose you

I knew it was too soon

Take me home to my mother

Where the flowers are bright

The grass smells fresh and glows green in the light

Let us lie under the blue sky and make daisy chains

I don’t want to feel my pain anymore

Your love washed away down the drain

I knew

I knew I would lose you.


















All of my works are steps on my journey, a struggle for truth that I have waged with pen, canvas, and materials. Overhead is a distant, radiant star, and the more I stretch to reach it, the further it recedes. But by the power of my spirit and my single-hearted pursuit of the path, I have clawed my way through the labyrinthine confusion of the world of people in an unstinting effort to approach even one step closer to the realm of the soul. Yayoi Kusama,


As I lay at night

I wondered did anyone care

As I sat barely breathing on the cold stone

Heart  suffer

Waves crashing

Bullet to my head

Who noticed, who noticed

Did you like me

Did you care

Who noticed

Did you like me, did you care?

Breathless cold

Did you like me

Does  anyone care…….

Does anyone care

Humanless underground

Does anyone care…..

Bullet to the head

Blood on her favourite dress

It was white

The dress she wore

Keep looking at your phones

Does anyone care

Death……. Death

Now there you care..

Now there you care…..

Gone is she with the red hair

Gone, forever gone

Burn, burn, burn

Fade, fade, fade