Will You Marry Me

Never knew feelings

Knew the meaning of Us

Tied up and dark

Never knew the meaning of light

But now you…

take that all away…. mmmm


Love has washed it all away

And brightened me heart again

Love has washed it all away

And Brightened my heart again

The love you taught me wasn’t one I had before

A kindness. A touch a softness in display

And you took it all away ..

Sometimes I feel that I will be washed away

Or a great hand will reach for you again

A mother of a child one hand that cant deny but now you are here

brighten my heart again

Now you are hear brighten my heart again

Old whispers of a land we once knew

Fingers touching it is all anew

Can we survive if we just clasp a hand

can we survive if we hold each other….

can we survive if truth takes a hold

can we survive and let lose of the gold

And we stand one anew bearing nothing but our truth

Yes we stand once a knew bearing nothing

bearing nothing

but us two


and just us two….

To David my usE3FD382D-C584-49F4-9864-332835639CAF