Art with happiness…

Some people talk about the adversity of artists. The truth is sometimes art comes from adversity and sometimes without those pressures or prerequisites you are left quite literally without any subject to paint. My life story has been one of adversity and then as I made plans to be educated and leave that behind the characteristics of maybe me and that past life echoed on. I have made mistakes as an adult but it has resulted in four beautiful children the most four beautiful children ever known. These children have experience life and courage and adversity but stand strong and are true bloody Scottish resilient people I am in awe of who they have become and how they strive with hurdles to be better people in this world and hopefully to be kind. I also have the beautiful privilege of my partner David’s family being the same with family values about truth, transparency and family connection. My art as a result is dry I have no pain to report on. I am happy I am experiencing happiness. The end .

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